Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Link Exchange

Hello friends,if you dare to exchange your link please leave message in the comment box.
write: The anchor of your blog
The URL address
i will put your link with the anchor of your blog. However if i cannot see my link in your blog within a week i will erase your link from here.

Write my link entitle: THE CHRONICLE and i will link you back

Here are some friends who had exchanged his/her link
1. Info Teknologi Komputer
2.Dimas Gilang Blog

6 komentar:

daenkblog on 10 Februari 2010 20.35 mengatakan...

tuker link maksud na bang...
salam kenal

awan on 11 Februari 2010 20.31 mengatakan...

hallow cment balik yaw!! tukeran link and follow

justdanu on 11 Februari 2010 20.50 mengatakan...

nih uda koment.. koment balik yah..
plus tuker follow gan..

MaZ anggie on 17 Februari 2010 06.45 mengatakan...

jika anda mau menjalin tali silaturahmi dengan saya silahkan datang kesini

ivan xenium on 24 Februari 2010 20.02 mengatakan...

hoh bring me in oh yesss!

Ivan Xenium on 26 Februari 2010 20.42 mengatakan...

link ud terpasang link balik ok

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