Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

The Mouse Deer

One day, there was a clever mouse deer. He liked to eat vegetables and fruits in the forest where he lives. However, he loved to eat cucumbers in Mr.Farmer’s field. He thought that the cucumber taste very good.

Meanwhile, Mr. Farmer was sad, because he lost some of his cucumbers on the harvest this year. He tried to figure out who stole his cucumbers.

One night, Mr Farmer peeped on his field. He sat and waited. He wished that he would find the one who stole his cucumber. Not long afterward, a mouse deer came. Mr farmer was wondering what would the mouse deer do. Then, he saw that the mouse deer eat his cucumber. Mr Farmer was very angry.

The other day, Mr Farmer prepared a trap for the mouse deer. He hide the trap so the mouse deer would not recognize it. Ten minutes later, the mouse deer came. He didn’t know that there was a trap. Accidentally he step on the trap, “Owch……..” The mouse deer felt in the trap. He couldn’t move.
He was afraid that Mr Farmer would kill him for his dinner. So he pretended to stand still, he hold his breath when Mr Farmer drew near.

Mr. Farmer looked at the mouse deer, It didn’t move, and it seemed that the mouse deer didn’t breath. “I guess I have to throw it to the forest, “
Then Mr Farme threw the mouse deer in the forest.

When Mr. Farmer walked to his house, the mouse deer woke up and laughed. “HHahahaha, I still the clever mouse deer, poor Mr Farmer, hahahah,”

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tikusss yachhhhh

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